HOSA State Winners

Congratulations to HOSA competitors, Anu & Janiya. Both students competed at local, regional, and state levels to earn a spot at the National HOSA Competition in June! Anu competed in Nursing Assisting, placing third & Janiyah competed in Pharmacy Science, placing second.

Anu’s Nursing Assisting competition covered the skills needed to be a nursing assistant. Contestants watched the gowning of PPE and had to identify the mistakes made in this process. Students were also asked to convert measurements for medications and HIPAA law.

Janiya’s Pharmacy Science competition covered the basics of pharmacy science, the history of pharmacy, terminology and skills. Janiyah studied hard, using slideshows from class and other resources she could access online.

Anu is a Medical Assisting student who plans on pursuing a college program focusing on pre-med with intentions to become an OB/OB Nurse. Janiyah is in the Pharmacy Technician Program and will sit for her Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam at the end of May. When she passes, she will be able to practice as a licensed Pharmacy Technician.

Congratulations and good luck at nationals!

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