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Students & Parents

There are many ways to customize your high school experience. Choosing to add career and technical education to your schedule is an important decision for every family. Whether you are a brand new student or a seasoned pro, we want to make sure you find your fit and feel at home with DACC.

The Delaware Area Career Center works in partnership with your school to provide Delaware County high school students with elective options not offered at traditional high schools. These electives do more than just meet credit requirements. At DACC, students:

  • Have the opportunity to earn high school and college credits

  • Get valuable hands-on experience valued by college admissions offices and future employers

  • Learn skills that will help them start earning money now while they continue their education

  • Explore their career options

  • Earn industry credentials

  • Participate in early work experiences that will build their resume

How does it work?

Students spend half of their school day taking a DACC program and half of their day fulfilling academic requirements. Those academic classes can be taken at DACC or students can travel back to their home school for academic classes. Whether DACC students choose to attend for the full day or half of the day, they are still considered a student at their home school and receive a high school diploma from their home school upon graduation. Many DACC students continue to participate in extracurricular activities and after-school programs at their home school as well.

Who can attend?

We are proud to be partners with Delaware County schools and the surrounding areas including:

  • Big Walnut

  • Buckeye Valley

  • Delaware Hayes

  • Olentangy

  • Olentangy Berlin

  • Olentangy Liberty

  • Olentangy Orange

Through open enrollment and contracted opportunities, we welcome students from:

  • Ohio School for the Deaf

  • Thomas Worthington

  • Westerville Central

  • Westerville North

  • Westerville South

  • Worthington Kilbourne

How do I apply?

Every year in November, we open up our online application to interested students for the following school year. We can only accept 25 students per program, so we encourage you to apply early. We also ask that you visit DACC and tour the program or programs you are interested in before applying.

How can I learn more?

Browse through our list of programs to see photos, videos, and course descriptions to find out what might be a good match for you. To ask more questions about any program or to schedule a tour of our campuses, contact Administrative Assistant to the Enrollment Coordinator, Tiffany McComas at (740) 201-3216 or