Student Life at DACC

Student Life at DACC

There are lots of opportunities to get involved in student life at DACC. We appreciate our students for their contributions to making DACC a school that is inclusive and welcoming while providing a rigorous education. Here are just a few ways you can get involved.


National Technical Honor Society

The National Technical Honor Society is a nationally recognized, selective organization dedicated to the promotion and recognition of student excellence.

Learn more about the organization and how you can get involved here.

Career Technical Student Organizations

Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)

CTSO's are co-curricular activities focused on specific areas of study. Our students use their career tech skills to compete against the best of the best from schools all over the country. The experiences they have in their CTSO help them prepare for life after high school and college by honing their industry technique and strengthening their soft skills.

Learn more about the CTSOs available to DACC students here.

Student Ambassadors

Ambassador Program

Student ambassadors are those students who feel passionate about career and technical education and want to help us spread the word about all of the great opportunities at DACC to our community.

Learn more about the Ambassador Program here.

Personalized Learning Plans

Personalized Learning Plans

Every DACC student is unique - they each come to us with their own history, knowledge, challenges, advantages, and goals. There is no single college and career path that will fit everyone, which is why our DACC staff work with each of our students on the creation of a Personal Learning Plan (PLP).

Learn more about Personalized Learning Plans here.