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College Credit Plus

What is College Credit Plus?

Ohio's College Credit Plus (CCP) can help you earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking college courses. These college courses are free, meaning little-to-no cost to the family of public and private school students for tuition, books or fees.

Fast track high school credits by completing 1 semester of CCP!
3 Semester Hours of CCP = 1 Year of High School Credit

Earn up to 29 college credit hours at DACC & save thousands

Why CCP at DACC?

You have options when it comes to choosing where to take college credit plus classes. So why take them at DACC?

  • Eliminate travel

  • Take advantage of already-established relationships with teachers

  • Smaller class sizes

  • Stronger communication

  • Direct access to instructors

  • Classes are developed around your course/class schedule

Did you know...

DACC’S CCP-certified instructors are adjunct professors through Columbus State Community College (CSCC) and University of Findlay (UF). They each have a Master’s Degree in the subject they teach or a related field, plus 18 graduate content hours.

Course options at DACC:

Juniors only:

  • CC+ ENGL 1100- English Composition 1 - CSCC course

  • CC+ POLS 1100- Introduction to American Government - CSCC course

  • CC+ Math 138- College Algebra- UF course

  • CC+ Math 139 Trigonometry- UF course

Senior Year Only:

  • CC+ ENGL 1100 & 2367 Composition 1 & 2 - CSCC courses

  • CC+ CHEM 1111- Chemistry - CSCC course

  • CC+ HIST 110- American History - UF course

  • CC+ HIST 111- American History - UF course

  • CC+ STATS 123- Statistics - UF course

  • CC+ Math 138- College Algebra- UF course

  • CC+ Math 139 Trigonometry- UF course

  • CC+ Math 141- Calculus - UF course

To add College Credit Plus through DACC to your schedule next year, be sure to click the 'Full Day' and 'College Credit Plus' options on the DACC application when you apply to be a student. Already submitted your application? Give us a call at 740-203-2214 to add it to your schedule.

Next Steps for the 2024-2025 School Year

Returning CCP Students:

  1. Turn in Intent to Participate form.

  2. Discuss with your School Counselor options for next year when we schedule in your lab in the coming weeks.

New CCP Students (current DACC/Incoming DACC students):

  1. Watch the attached CCP video or review the powerpoint if you missed the presentation.

  2. Return Intent to Participate form to your School Counselor. *If you are an incoming student to DACC, complete this Google Form (section 2) in lieu of completing the intent form.

  3. Complete your application to Columbus State with the following link.  This is required for our CSCC courses that are held on the DACC campus, choose the “College Credit Plus” application.

  4. If your courses are University of Findlay classes applications will be done at a later date.  If you are applying to other universities, go to that schools CCP website. 

  5. Discuss with your School Counselor CCP options for next year when we schedule in your lab in the coming weeks.

If you are a half-day DACC student, please reach out to your home school with specific questions.  Your DACC School Counselors look forward to assisting you with your interest in College Credit Plus.  It is a terrific opportunity for starting your college future but also a high responsibility. 

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