Attendance FAQ

The Delaware Area Career Center Board of Education believes that attendance in school is absolutely essential to the successful completion of the curriculum.

The Attendance Office is responsible for accurately recording and monitoring daily student attendance. Students are to be in school each day school is in session. Parents and students are encouraged to schedule appointments after the school day. Students who attend Delaware Area Career Center must adhere to the Delaware Area Career Center school calendar.

Who do I contact with questions about attendance?
P. J. Taylor, Attendance Secretary

Which school calendar should be followed? The partner school's calendar or the Delaware Area Career Center Calendar?
Students are required to attend school whenever the Delaware Area Career Center is in session.

Will I receive a call from the school when my child is absent?
Yes, the school has an automated phone system that calls home whenever your child is absent.

What do I do if my child is going to be late for school?
Call or email the attendance office to let us know why your child is going to be late.

When I call to report my child will be absent, is the absence automatically marked?
Yes - we will accept a parent phone call, email, or note.

If I forget to send a note with my child upon their return from an absence, how long do I have before the absence is considered unexcused?
We will allow 24 hours for a parent phone call or email or a note to be submitted before it is considered unexcused.

How many absences can my child have with a parent excuse?
Students are permitted 13 absences verified with a parent phone call, email, or note for the entire school year.

If my child is required to be at their associate school for testing, a field trip, or some other reason, what is the procedure?
Students should either obtain a Pre-Arranged Form three days in advance from the attendance office, or the student should return with a note from their associate school.

If my child's associate school is closed for parent conferences, has a different spring break, or is closed for other reason that are not weather related; how will they get to DACC?
Bus transportation is provided from each high school building on every day the Delaware Area Career Center is in session, or you can provide the transportation.

If my child's associate school is closed because of weather, are they expected to attend DACC?
Road conditions and weather can vary from location to location. Parents have the discretion not to send their child in these situations. Please see our Closing & Delay Procedures.

When might my child become truant from school?
The Delaware Area Career Center follows the guidelines of House Bill 410, which can be accessed here.

I am 18 years of age or will be 18 during the school year, how many days of school can I miss?
13 absences either unexcused or verified with a parent note.