Application Development and Programming Technician

Application Development Programming Technician

Develop the rigor, industry knowledge, work ethic, and abilities necessary for a career in information technology and user experience.

The field of information technology is growing at an exponential rate. Become part of an in-demand industry that combines technology and design. In this program, you will learn essential knowledge and skills to protect information assets along with current web page development skills to design interfaces with a particular emphasis on mobile devices.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Various computer and network security threats, ranging from theft and credit card fraud to social engineering

  • Develop a process to design and develop compelling and visual websites hosted on multiple platforms

  • Learn essential user experience techniques, such as user analysis, usability concepts, and testing procedures to publish and maintain websites

Career Focus

  • Application Developer

  • Site Developer

  • Web Page Designer

Additional Benefits

  • Non-traditional schedule

  • 1-year program

  • Earn 12 points in credentials

  • Work Keys support available

Earn up to three elective credits
Attend classes in the afternoon
Explore your career options
Earn valuable industry credentials
Graduate with confidence and clarity in your career choices


Wayne Strunk

4565 Columbus Pike | Delaware, OH 43015