SkillsUSA Chapter Excellence Program

Under the leadership of SkillsUSA Advisor, Kelly Kohl, the DACC Chapter has been recognized and is being awarded as a Quality Chapter. Senior Manager at SkillsUSA, Marcia Strickland, stated, "I applaud your chapter’s efforts and intentionality around ensuring that students receive Framework skill development."

CEP recognizes achievement as it relates to the integration of the SkillsUSA Framework in chapter program of work activities. As a chapter’s yearly action plan, the program of work is at the heart of student learning and employability development. By using the Framework as a guide, chapters have a blueprint for creating relevant activities that encourage participation and foster an understanding of student learning attained during each activity. The Framework’s focus on intentional learning turns the program of work into more than just a planning tool. Using the Framework, the program of work becomes the vital conduit that links students to the application of personalworkplace and technical skills demanded by industry. The SkillsUSA trifecta for student success!

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