Grace Hammond, Media Center Specialist

Grace Hammond, the Delaware Area Career Center’s Media Center specialist, was awarded the Collaborative School Library Award by the Ohio Educational Library Media Association earlier this month. This statewide recognition was given to Hammond for her “Work Smarter Boot Camp” course for students.

The school said the course originated when students on Hammond’s advisory committee shared they needed help staying organized and on task. The DACC said Hammond created a multi-week course that supports students’ executive functions and includes discussion of topics such as organizing your thoughts, putting ideas into action, using technology to store your deadlines and reminders, and managing procrastination.

The course kicked off remotely while students were working from home and has recently become an in-person course at the school.

In addition to the scheduled classes, Hammond ensured that students had necessary supplies at home, met students in one-on-one sessions, and implemented a trauma-informed approach, the school reported this week.

“It was important to me that this program was nonjudgmental and completely optional,” Hammond said. “Work Smarter is meant to be affirming and validating to students, to help them with self-regulation skills, and to be a safe academic and social-emotional environment.”

The school said that over the past year, Hammond has worked with hundreds of students to help them reduce stress, improve their productivity, and increase their sense of control by working smarter.

Hammond was honored at the 2021 Ohio Educational Library Media Association’s Annual Conference and Awards Celebration held earlier this month at Polaris.