Executive Chef Steiner with Culinary Arts students

Cameron Mitchell Executive Chef with Culinary Arts student

Earlier this week, DACC Culinary Arts students worked alongside the Executive Chef of Cap City in Grandview, Michael Steiner. A 2011 graduate of DACC’s Culinary Program, Steiner is excited to give back to the district by bringing a series of cooks and chefs into the program to provide demonstrations, lessons, and hands-on activities, all of which double as pre-interviews for our students.

Molly Woo's Chef with Culinary Arts students

On October 19th, TJ Harrison from Molly Woo’s, accompanied Steiner and led our students through a series of dishes that are regularly made at his restaurant. After a brief demonstration, students dug right in to taste the dishes and then make their own, including California Rolls, Spicy Salmon Rolls, Tuna Sashimi, and Tuna Nigiri.