Girls in Tech - Natalie

The women of DACC are breaking gender stereotypes by sharing their stories in the hopes that younger girls will see even more options available to them in high school, college, and their careers.

Natalie grew up talking about cybersecurity around the dinner table with her dad. Hackers, security codes, and malware are topics of conversation that come naturally to her. She enjoys learning about the industry and as information changes daily, there is never an end to what she can learn.

Natalie chose to attend DACC because of the opportunities that immersing herself in a topic she loves would provide. Putting so much focus toward her Cybersecurity class opens up a world of career opportunities; surrounding herself with others who enjoy the same course of study has created a community that she can be part of; and being a girl in tech is helping her prepare herself and her classmates for their future.

“I want to help create a professional atmosphere where being a girl in tech is completely normal, where we don’t even have to think about it. For now, though, I want it to be known that we’re here and we’re contributing to this profession.”

As a junior, Natalie is looking forward to narrowing her focus into more of the security side of her program. She is working toward someday being a Cybersecurity Specialist and a Teacher.