Girls in Tech - Nia

The women of DACC are breaking gender stereotypes by sharing their stories in the hopes that younger girls will see even more options available to them in high school, college, and their careers.

Nia has always liked to build things and put them back together. The Engineering Technology program at DACC is meeting that need she has to inspect and improve everything around her. She comes by this trait honestly – her grandfather was a Mechanical Engineer who worked mostly on metal in his career, but now builds airplanes as a hobby.

Nia is always reviewing the design process in her head and asking herself, “What can I fix? How can I make it better?” Her goal is to find solutions.

After high school, Nia plans to major in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering and is currently deciding which college she would like to attend. As a junior she has another full year of high school to explore her options and make an informed decision. In the meantime, she is working through a number of industry certifications that will not only add to her growing skill set, but will also mean something to future hiring employers.

She hopes to someday be working in a career that gives her creative freedom to create designs that she can watch come to life in a 3-D printer.