Stephanie, DACC Pharmacy Technician Student

The women of DACC are breaking gender stereotypes by sharing their stories in the hopes that younger girls will see even more options available to them in high school, college, and their careers.

Stephanie came to DACC her junior year as an Automotive Technology student. “I wanted to feel empowered and independent and able to take care of myself,” she explained. “I really enjoyed the science behind it and I met a lot of great people, but after a year, I realized this wasn’t where my career was headed.”

Understanding that ruling out career options is part of the process of finding something you love, Stephanie evaluated her options. She was inspired by DACC Science Instructor, Mrs. Hardy, to consider a career in science and medicine. “She taught me how to love learning. I have so many questions that can be answered with science.” Stephanie enrolled in DACC’s one-year Pharmacy Technician program and couldn’t be happier. “I feel like I’ll never get bored of daydreaming about what might be possible or why things are the way they are and then finding the answers.”

Stephanie has always loved helping people, but also enjoys that search for answers. Studying medicine during a global pandemic has opened her eyes to how much research scientists are helping people behind the scenes. She is now planning a future as a Biochemical Research Scientist and inspired by Mrs. Hardy’s teaching style, she hopes to one day also become a professor and pass on what she knows to future generations.