DACC Academics Teaching math in a virtual environment

January 13, 2021

Academic math teachers, Mr. White and Mr. Carpenter, along with Academic Supervisor, Mr. Herzog, presented to the DACC Board of Education this evening to talk about how they have changed the way they operate to be able to teach remotely. Throughout the pandemic, they have listened to student feedback and continue to be flexible in order to provide an engaging and high-quality education. As math teachers in a career and technical education center, they are fully immersed in the needs of their students, going so far as to integrate academics directly into some labs such as Bioscience and Zoo School.

They were joined by students, Sophia Guerra and Hannah Dennewitz. Hannah shared that participating in Hybrid Fridays, where students learn from home, helped prepare her to use Google Classroom and manage her time. She could see the amount of effort that was put forth by both teachers and students. Sophia shared with the Board how much she appreciates that DACC teachers are tech-savvy and adapted quickly.