Staff Spotlight

DACC Staff Spotlight: Wil Rowland, Digital Design Instructor

Mr. Rowland – also known as “Dub” is in his fifth year teaching Digital Design at DACC. Before DACC, Wil was a freelance designer for Word Aflame Press and recruiter for School of Advertising Art. Wil is a published author/Illustrator of children’s books - Wise and Silly series, Sunshine and Friends, Trudy and the Cupcake of the Month - and has a new book coming out next month - Stuffy the Scarecrow.

Wil loves seeing the students’ creativity every day and being there for that moment when something in the program sparks real passion for them. “I tell my students from day one - I will treat you like an adult until you tell me otherwise. Beyond this quote though, our Digital Design motto that I personally love is ‘Keep Climbing.’  Otherwise – ‘Let's Go and Grow’ or ‘Keep Going and Growing’. Basically, don't quit and keep going forward.”

Wil and his wife, Sara, have two children, Isaac and Emily. His favorite thing outside of DACC is hanging out with his family. Wil is also active in his church, Christian Life Church, and loves working on his next personal art projects, book ideas, and freelance work.