What Is Career Tech?

July 29, 2016 - 2:20pm -- admin
The Delaware Area Career Center serves as the career and technical school for all of Delaware County and surrounding areas. We work in partnership with the local public schools to offer students the opportunity to take off-site electives.
These electives are more than your standard 40 minute class period. Our students spend almost 3 hours every day in an intensive study of a specific career field. We provide our students with classrooms that mimic professional settings and by the end of their senior year, many of our students are on-site, learning directly from industry professionals.
While students do earn high school elective credits, many of our programs also offer high school science or english credits as well as college credits. In addition, our students have the opportunity to earn industry credentials that employers value and they participate in unique experiences that stand out on college applications.
Students who choose to attend DACC spend half of their day at DACC and half of their day fulfilling their academic requirements, which can be done at DACC or at their home school. See our bell schedule for school day beginning and ending times.
Most of our programs are junior and senior programs. Juniors come to their lab program in the morning and take academic classes in the afternoon. Seniors take their academic classes in the morning and attend their DACC lab program in the afternoon.
Transportation is provided by the home schools, but students who have their driver’s license are permitted to drive themselves.
Students who obtain their high school diploma and then decide to pursue the industry credentials offered at DACC can expect to spend thousands of dollars on training and materials. DACC high school students spend a fraction of the cost. See our fee sheets to find out how much you might spend on a DACC program.
Preparing for DACC
We highly encourage anyone interested in attending a DACC program to start planning early. As students enter high school, pre-loading the student’s class schedule with required academics will create more time in the schedule during the junior and senior year to attend DACC. Some classes, such as gym, can be taken online or over the summer. Speak with your guidance counselor to discuss the best path for you and your family.
Apply to DACC
With a few exceptions, we begin accepting applications in November of a student’s sophomore year*. We ask that the student visit DACC at least once before submitting their application.
In February, our counselors will begin reviewing applications and will send notification letters to everyone who has applied to let them know whether or not they have been accepted. Our counselors look at grades, attendance, discipline, and essay questions to determine eligibility into each program.
By law, there are only 25 spots available in each program, so we encourage students to visit early and apply as soon as the online application opens up in November.
*Students applying for CBI 9 & 10 will submit their application during the 8th grade year. This is a Career Based Intervention program that may lead to a 2-year junior and senior program.
Students applying for Engineering Technology will apply during their freshmen year. This is a 3-year program for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Students applying for Pharmacy Technician will apply during their junior year. This is a senior-only program.
When Can I Visit?
Every sophomore class in Delaware County is given the opportunity to visit DACC in November, immediately before the online application opens up. Keep in mind that for many schools, this is an optional field trip. Look for information sent home and keep these important dates in mind
Families may also request a private tour by contacting us at McComasT@DelawareAreaCC.org or call 740-201-3216.