College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus is an initiative by the Ohio Department of Education to allow high school students to attain college credit up to 30 semester hours per school year tuition free at Ohio public institutions by the 2015-16 school year. This initiative will replace the current dual enrollment and post-secondary education option programs that are currently being utilized.

The college courses will be transcripted on the students’ high school and college transcripts. It will be the students’ responsibility to ensure the college courses taken transfer to the college or university of their choosing. Students will also be responsible for obtaining their college transcript of completed coursework to the institution they are transferring the credits.

College courses are available from the University of Findlay, Columbus State Community College, and Central Ohio Technical College.

For additional information about the College Credit Plus Program, visit Ohio Higher Ed.

Learn more about College Credit Plus classes offered at DACC.

Next Steps for the 2021-2022 School Year

Current/Returning CCP Students:

  1. Turn in Letter of Intent.

  2. Discuss with your School Counselor options for next year when we schedule in your lab in the coming weeks.

New CCP Students:

  1. Review the powerpoint if you missed the presentation.

  2. Return Intent to Participate form to your School Counselor. 

  3. Complete your application to Columbus State with the following link.  This is required for our CSCC courses that are held on the DACC campus, choose the “College Credit Plus” application.

  4. If your courses are University of Findlay classes applications will be done at a later date.  If you are applying to other universities, go to that schools CCP website. 

  5. Discuss with your School Counselor CCP options for next year when we schedule in your lab in the coming weeks.

If you are a half day DACC student, please reach out to your home school with specific questions.  Your DACC School Counselors look forward to assisting you with your interest in College Credit Plus.  It is a terrific opportunity for starting your college future but also a high responsibility. 

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