Building Facilities Technician

Building Facilities Technician

Behind every safe, well-maintained building is a team of highly skilled people.

Building Facilities Technicians are vital members of a team who possess a broad range of knowledge and abilities across multiple craft industries. If you like to problem-solve and want to develop your technical knowledge and skills to apply in a multitude of building facility settings, this program is for you.

Curriculum Highlights

  • Learn the basic structure and function of building facilities

  • Practice the fundamentals of carpentry, electrical, heating and

    plumbing, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

  • Workplace safety practices

  • Blueprint reading

  • Construction math

  • Learn to use preventative, predictive, and corrective procedures for facilities maintenance

Career Focus

  • Building Facilities Technician

  • Facilities Maintenance Technician

With additional experience and education:

  • Facility Manager or Director

  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineer

Additional Benefits

  • Non-traditional schedule

  • 1-year program

  • Earn 12 points in credentials

  • Work Keys support available

  • Chromebook One-to-One

Earn up to three elective credits
Attend classes in the afternoon
Explore your career options
Earn valuable industry credentials
Graduate with confidence and clarity in your career choices

For additional questions, contact Carrie Trusley, Career Tech Supervisor, at 740-548-0708.