Upon graduation, you will receive a Career Passport from the Delaware Area Career Center in addition to the diploma you receive from your home school.

A Career Passport is a portfolio that you will create to highlight your achievements. This portfolio can be used in job interviews or as a resource in completing college applications, to help you present yourself and your skills for effectively.

Your Career Passport will include:

  • A letter introduction
  • Your resume
  • A transcript of your grades and attendance
  • A list of your technical competencies
  • A career narrative that describes your career goals and your plan to reach them
  • Competency certificates
  • An essay, written by you, verifying competencies in two of the five SCANS* skills: resources, interpersonal skills, information, systems, and technology

You may also include certificates of honor, achievement or participation, letters of recommendation or other items that showcase your achievements. You will receive your Career Passport at the end of the year, during the Senior Awards Ceremony.

*Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills – U.S. Department of Labor, 1991