It’s common to have a lot of questions while you’re considering attending a Career and Technical Education school. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions below.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, we are happy to speak with you. Call or email Tiffany McComas at 740-201-3216 or McComasT@DelawareAreaCC.org.

What kind of students attend DACC?
Delaware Career Center offers something for every type of student. Whether you learn better with real life, hands-on activities, you want to develop life skills to be prepared for life after high school, you want to get a jump start on college by earning college credits during high school or you want to be prepared for new and emerging careers, the Career Center has a program that’s right for you

What are classes like at DACC?
As a student at the Delaware Career Center, you will spend half of the day with your lab, focusing on your career pathway and getting the real life experiences that will prepare you for your post-secondary education and future career. The other half of the day is either spent taking academic classes at the Career Center or returning to your member school to take your academic classes there.

How does attending DACC benefit me?
Programs at the Career Center are focused on preparing you for post-secondary education and your future career. As a student, you will get hands-on experience that will help you make important life decisions as you continue on your career pathway. Many of our programs offer you the chance to earn industry certifications that will boost your college application and your resume. Some labs also offer the chance to earn college credits, saving you money on college tuition.

What if I'm not ready to leave my friends?
As a partner to your member school, the Career Center encourages students to stay active with and participate in member school activities.

Can I still play sports and participate in extra-curricular activities?
Your participation in sports and extra-curricular activities is vital to your high school experience. Both half-day and full-day students are encouraged to participate in all of the after school activities their member school has to offer and we supply you with plenty of time at the end of the day to return to your home school for those events.

Will I still graduate with my friends?
Yes! The Career Center partners with your member school to provide you with additional options based on your career choice. You will earn your member school diploma when you graduate, but you will also receive a Career Passport documenting the successful completion of your Career Center program.

Is DACC a reputable option?
94% of our graduates are employed, attending college or serving in the military 60% of our graduates are currently attending college We are nationally recognized and ranked #1 in total percentage points on state performance measures out of the 49 Ohio career center schools.