Due to the technology and equipment utilized to create a meaningful experience for our students, select classes require a nominal fee.


August 8th: Level I & II students can begin paying fees


Visit your lab page for a fee statement of individual costs for your program.


Delaware Area Career Center 2019-2020 Fee Statements:  
The fee statements detail supplies, tool usage, club and/or affiliation dues and other items necessary for your student’s participation in their chosen lab program. 

Description of Fee Statement: (divided into three sections)

  • Section 1: Items the Delaware Area Career Center will order on behalf of your student specific to their selected lab for which you will be responsible for paying.
  • Section 2: An additional lab fee applies for each Science and English Course scheduled for your student.
  • Section 3: Items you will need to purchase on your own.  With the exception of some lab uniforms, you may purchase these items any time prior to the start of school.  Please reach out to the lab instructor if you have additional questions. 

Payment Options:
The Delaware Area Career Center accepts checks, credit card, online payments and will be happy to work with you to establish a payment plan should you need one. 

  • Checks: should be made payable to Delaware Area Career Center and mailed to Renita Russell, Administrative Assistant, who is located in the main office.  Please identify your student and lab in the memo section of your check. 
  • The PaySchools Central System: PaySchools Central accepts credit cards and is available on this webpage for all students.  You will need to know your student’s identification number which is available through your Powerschool accounts in order to utilize this system.  For incoming students, your identification number will be provided at schedule pick-up and during the first week of school. 
  • Payment Plan: Needs to be setup with the administrative assistant contact below.  This will allow you to break the payment up into more than one payment. 
  • Free/Reduced Lunch Eligibility Program: You may be eligible to have all or part of your student fees waived except for your CTSO dues.  Students will need to apply annually at DACC even if they have already applied at the homeschool. Forms will be available in the main office in August.
  • Student Assistance: An application needs to be filled out from the main office to potentially qualify to have fees paid for by the student assistance committee. 

Manage Student Account

Once you create your account, you can:

  • Deposit money at your convenience into your child’s Cafeteria account
  • Set email reminders to notify you when you child’s account gets low
  • Set up recurring payments for your child’s Cafeteria account
  • Check your child’s Cafeteria account balance
  • View an activity report so you can see what your child has eaten in the previous 30 days
  • View and pay your child’s student fees online
  • Schedule fee payments for future payment

If you have questions about the PaySchools system or you have forgotten your password, please contact PaySchools Central directly by email or phone at 877-393-6628.