Meals at DACC

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on handling money at food service operations, paying for lunches daily at the cafeteria cashier will not be permitted.

Every student must have funds on their lunch account through PaySchools CentralDownload a step sheet here to add money to an account. If you already have a Payschools account from your home school you will need to create a new account for DACC using a different email address than the home school account.

If you wish to write a check for student meals, checks should be made payable to Delaware Area Career Center noting your student’s name and lab in the memo section. Checks will be submitted to the student’s lab teacher who will get it to the cafeteria manager for processing.

Any questions about the cafeteria can be directed to Kendall Friend at or by phone at 740-203-2226.

Beginning March 15th, we will be making a few adjustments to breakfast & lunch to accommodate our return to fully in-person learning.
  1. Breakfast must be pre-ordered by 7:00am.
  2. Breakfasts will be available for pick-up in the Commons when students arrive. The meals will be organized by lab.
  3. Full-day students do not need to order lunch. They will come to the cafeteria to purchase their lunch.
  4. Half-day AM students do need to pre-order lunch.
  5. Lunches will be delivered to half-day AM students in their labs just before they are ready to leave campus. 
  6. Half-day PM students will need to eat before they arrive at school. To continue our safety practices, we will not be delivering food to labs & students will not be permitted to eat in labs.
  7. For students who will be eating in the Commons, more chairs and tables have been added in order to accommodate 6’ of distance between students as they are eating.

Order breakfast by 7:00am on the same day here.

Order lunch by 8:15am on the same day here.

DACC Breakfast and Lunch Menus

You may place orders for the days you are on campus as well as the days you are off campus (these will be referred to as “Take Home” meals and “To Go” meals). To minimize the contact with others, all meals will be delivered to the lab classrooms based on the orders received for that day (students will not have meals in the commons area this year).

We also will not be accepting cash payments and require that students order meals using their 6-digit code from their PaySchools account. 


Manage Student Account

Once you create your account, you can:

  • Deposit money at your convenience into your child’s Cafeteria account
  • Set email reminders to notify you when you child’s account gets low
  • Set up recurring payments for your child’s Cafeteria account
  • Check your child’s Cafeteria account balance
  • View an activity report so you can see what your child has eaten in the previous 30 days
  • View and pay your child’s student fees online
  • Schedule fee payments for future payment

If you have questions about the PaySchools system or you have forgotten your password, please contact PaySchools Central directly by email or phone at 877-393-6628.


Free and Reduced Lunch
To apply for Free and Reduced Lunch, complete the Free Lunch Application document here and send to:
Kendall Friend, Cafeteria Manager

4565 Columbus Pike
Delaware, Ohio 43015

Jack Higgins, Operations Director
4565 Columbus Pike
Delaware, Ohio 43015