Face Coverings

On July 30th, the DACC Board of Education voted on and approved the Use of Face Coverings policy, requiring face coverings to be worn by all students, staff, teachers and other person(s) entering a DACC facility. The expectation is that everyone will uphold this critical policy, respecting the health and safety of our DACC students, staff, and families.
Face coverings approved to be worn inside a DACC facility should be cloth/fabric and be properly worn to cover an individual’s nose, mouth, and chin.
Additional Face Covering Considerations:
  • Face coverings should fit snug and cover your mouth and nose and chin. Bandanas are not permitted.
  • Face coverings should be a least 2 ply and not have exhalation valves or vents.
  • Neck Gaiters made of stretchy material are not recommended. 2-ply Neck Gaiters will be permitted.
  • Face Shields may not be used as a substitute for a mask. However, face shields may be used in addition to other barriers when it is necessary for student/teacher interaction.
Note: We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC, ODH and DGHD. Please understand that guidance provided from these agencies may continue changing to best protect us moving forward. We will monitor and adapt our requirements when recommendations are established by the aforementioned agencies.
Face covering breaks may be provided throughout the day as long as students or staff are outside and maintain a distance of 12 feet from others, an equivalent of two barriers.
We recognize that there are exceptions to wearing a face covering, particularly for medical reasons or if a facial covering will significantly interfere with the learning process, including, but not limited to the following situations:
  • When interacting with students, such as those with disabilities, where communication could be impacted.
  • When interacting with English-language learners or when teaching a foreign language.
  • In settings where cloth face coverings might present a safety hazard.
  • For individuals who have difficulty wearing a cloth face covering.

If you would like to pursue a mask exemption, please contact David Gilliam, Student Services Supervisor at GilliamD@DelawareAreaCC.org or 740-203-2211.