Updated 8/4/2020

August 3rd
Principal Gaskill released a Welcome Back message with detailed information about what our families need to know and do before returning to school.

Review Principal Gaskill's Welcome Back message (rev. 8/3/20)

In addition, access the Blue/Green Rotation calendar here. Blue/Green Rotation assignments will be mailed home to each student.


July 30th
The DACC Board of Education authorized the DACC Return to School Plan. As of July 30th, the district is moving forward with Plan C: Academics Remote; Labs Blended.
DACC Superintendent, Mary Beth Freeman, explains the Return to School Plan:
We understand that each individual family is unique and will have questions not addressed in the district-wide Return to School Plan. Please use this form to submit your questions so that the appropriate staff member may contact you with more information.


What is the difference between a Level 1 and Level 2 student?

Level 1 students are students who are attending their program for the first year. For a full list of programs that will be start school the week of August 24th, please see Mr. Gaskill's Welcome Back Message from August 3rd.


How do I know when my student is returning to school?
All Level 1 students (first-year students) will return to school the week of August 24th. They will be on campus either Mon/Thur or Tues/Fri, depending on their Blue/Green Rotational assignment. During this week, students who are only taking their lab program with DACC will be on campus for half of the day. Students who are also taking academic classes with DACC will be on campus all day for this week only. For a comprehensive list of programs that are starting the week of August 24th, please see Principal Gaskill's Welcome Back Message from August 3rd.

Pharmacy Technician students will not begin the week of August 24th on campus. However, they may begin meeting remotely with their lab instructor, based on communication from the instructor. 

The week of August 31st, all students will be in session. Students will attend for half of the day based on their Blue/Green Rotation assignment. The other half of the day will be spent taking academic classes either remotely with DACC or following their associate district's plans.

Cosmetology, Fire Service, Food Service, and Hospitality students will come to campus for their lab program all five days every week. Students in these programs who take their academic classes with DACC will do so remotely.


Will programs that are off-site (such as Equine, Wildlife, & Zoo) follow the same rotational schedule?
Yes - these lab programs will follow the same schedule as the rest of our lab programs. Students will attend on their Blue/Green Rotation days.


How do I know if I am in the Blue or Green Rotation?
The Blue/Green rotation is an every-other-day model. Schedules, along with the Blue/Green assignment will be sent home to families in the mail. The Blue/Green calendar can be found here.


How will transportation be handled?
Transportation is provided by our associate districts. Even those districts that are moving to a blended or fully remote model will continue to provide transportation to DACC students. However, every district is handling transportation a little differently. We encourage students who plan to ride the bus to contact their associate district's transportation department to find out exactly what you need to know about catching the bus. Please see the last page of our Return to School document for your transportation department's contact information.


When the district is on a blended model, can I choose for my child to attend 100% remotely for their lab program?
Due to the nature of career and technical education, there are experiences and training that we cannot replicate in a remote setting. The blended model that we have created minimizes how often students are in our building and when they are here, minimizes how many people they will come into contact with.

We have been working with our local health department to create a safe environment for our students with social distancing, masks, and strict safety protocols followed. In a blended model, where only half of our students are here at time, our large lab spaces allow our students to keep a safe distance from each other and we are keeping movement around the building at a minimum.

We understand that everything we do and everywhere we go brings with it some measure of risk. However, we feel confident in the safety precautions that we have put into place toward minimizing risk.


When the district is on a blended model, can I choose for my child to attend 100% in-person for their lab program?
While we are excited to have students back in the building and understand the need to return to a normal schedule, safety for students and staff is our number one priority.

In creating the blended model for our career tech programs, we took a number of factors into consideration, including the ability to socially distance within each program, sanitizing tools and equipment, providing breakfast and lunch each day, allowing our busses room to keep bus riders appropriately distanced, and how these schedules fit in with our associate districts.

We have been working with our local health department to create a safe environment for our students and staff, and as of right now, the blended model is the best option for our district so that students may continue to receive hands-on learning while also taking appropriate safety precautions.