Welding Students Create Display for Fantasy of Lights

December 4, 2017

Kicking off the first year of a soon-to-be annual tradition, the DACC Welding students created an LED display that was installed as part of Butch Bando's Fantas of Lights. It was only natural that their creation turned out to be a snowman welding a gift, complete with flying sparks. Thank you to co-owner, Dante Bando, for launching this new tradition and coaching our students through the process. The lightshow will be open to the public through January 1st.

Find out what our local news has to say:
Delaware Gazette

Dante Bando describes the process and his decision to work with DACC:

We had the welding students brainstorm several ideas for a custom light display for our drive through Christmas light show.  Once the brainstorming process was complete, I helped them narrow the final design down to one idea that would work best from both an aesthetic and functionality standpoint.  The senior lab then custom fabricated the steel framework for the display to match the design that was agreed upon.  Once fabrication was complete, I worked directly with the senior and junior labs in order to install all of the wiring, light bulbs and motion actuators.

I wanted to work with the DACC students for several reasons.  First, my wife works for the DACC and is constantly advocating for local business owners to get involved with the students and classes in order to enrich their educational experience.  I have worked with other labs that teach skills that are relevant  to other businesses that I own and I wanted to try to bring some real world experience and application to another lab if possible.  Secondly, me, my wife, my sister (who is my business partner), my family and my employees are all always interested in ways that we can use our businesses as a way to give back to the local community through charity organizations, and we saw this as a perfect opportunity to expand what we do outside of charities. We are very selective about the charities that we work with, and while DACC is not a charity, we felt that we did have something to offer the students and decided that we would commit to this project on an annual basis, as long as the faculty and students feel like it is benefiting the students education.  Lastly, I want to work with the DACC as much as I can, because even though the school existed when I was in high school (although it was referred to a the JVS back then), and I could have benefited from it greatly, I did not utilize it due to lack of understanding what it was coupled with misconceptions about the type student you were if went there, or in simpler terms, peer pressure.  My goal is to work with the students on projects where they can see the actual real world application in person, while at the same time hopefully providing a little mentoring, helping them see first hand that you do not have to go to college to be successful, or most importantly, "normal".  I want them to understand that not everybody should be on the same career path, and that with hard work and a trade skill, you can do something you love and make a great living doing it.

The Quality was great.  The school is filled with lab instructors whom want nothing but for their students to succeed, and Mr. Dement is no exception.  As a matter of fact, over the last few years, I have seen students of Mr. Dement turn out work that is comparable, and sometimes even superior to, work that you would see come out of local fabrication shops.

Dante Bando
President - Butch Bando Concrete Inc.
President - Butch Bando's Fantasy of Lights
Managing Member - Three B's Management, LLC