Teacher Academy Students get into the classroom during Sneak Peak Day

September 15, 2010

Everyone who has ever been a student has gone through the first day of class and knows what it looks like. However, not everyone knows what teachers go through during those first few days and they have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. This behind-the-scenes look is exactly what DACC Teacher Academy students got to experience on September 2nd.

These DACC students sat in on the first day at area schools including St. Mary, Carlisle, Woodward, Conger, Schultz, Hylen Souders, Amherst, and Buckeye Valley West.

Calin, a DACC student from Olentangy, visited Mrs. Kennedy’s 3rd grade class at Buckeye Valley West. Calin said that she isn’t sure which grade she wants to teach, but she’s very excited about her year in DACC’s Teacher Academy class because it will give her the chance to try out a few different grades and find out which one is the best fit for her.

According to Calin, “I didn’t expect to be nervous, but seeing all of the little kids coming into the classroom is actually intimidating. They just fall in love with you right away, though, and we did some great activities.”

During their first day of school, Mrs. Kennedy’s 3rd graders drew pictures to get to know one another and shared with the rest of the class what makes them special. They read a book about class rules and then made up their own that they all agreed to and signed.

According to Mrs. Kennedy, the first day is very important because it sets the tone for the whole year. “It’s important to make the kids feel special and welcome while also setting the expectations and routines. Letting them make their own rules gives them ownership over them and they understand what the rules mean.”

After sneak peak day, Teacher Academy will be in the classroom for a few weeks. Then they will return to their observation classrooms to assist teachers and get a first-hand experience working with children.

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