Student Emmy Award Winners

August 25, 2017

Over the summer, our Digital Design students continued to amaze us with their accomplishments, winning student Emmy Awards through The Ohio Valley Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Possibly even better than the awards they can now list on their portfolios and resumes are the friendships they made at DACC. These students came to us as strangers from different high schools and graduated as lifelong friends.

Nate Martin – Olentangy High School
Jake Marzluf – Delaware Hayes High School
Jeff Butcher – Thomas Worthington High School
Connor McGovern – Marburn Academy
Andrew Chope – Olentangy Orange High School
Garrett Varnelli – Olentangy High School
Micah Bowie – Home Schooled
Aidan Garling – Delaware Hayes High School

A list of their awards and links to their videos is below.

Long Form – Fiction
Out of Nothing -
Nate Martin, Director/Writer/Actor; Jake Marzluf, Writer/Actor; Jeff
Butcher, Cinematographer; Connor McGovern, Editor/Cinematographer; Andrew Chope, Sound; Garrett Varanelli, Grip: Josh Gallagan, Advisor
(Award: Pillar)
Marburn Recruitment Video -
Connor McGovern, Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Writer; Josh Gallagan, Advisor
(Award: Pillar)
One Minute to Midnight -
Connor McGovern, Director/Editor/Cinematographer/Writer; Aidan Garling, Actor; Jeff Butcher, Actor; Josh Gallagan, Advisor
(Award: Pillar)
And, as an honorable mention recipient in the following category:
Short Form - Fiction
Flat Tires, Mad Bars -
Nate Martin, Director/Writer/Actor; Connor McGovern,
Editor/Cinematographer; Jeff Butcher, Actor/Graphic Designer; Micah Bowie,
Actor/Sound; Josh Gallagan, Advisor
(Award: Certificate)