Military Recognition

April 29, 2019

Congratulations to all of our DACC students who have committed to joining a branch of the military after graduation. Thank you to the following students for their upcoming service:

Access photos from the Military Recognition Night on our Facebook page.


  • Bryce Dietrich- Application Development II
  • Cody Helvey- Law Enforcement II
  • Jacob Shrewsbery- Engineering 12


  • Josh Akins- Automotive Technology II
  • Fletcher Goetz- Fire Service Training II
  • Jakob Hughes- Fire Service Training II
  • Emma Kray- Power Sports and Diesel Technology II
  • Christian Mozek- Automotive Technology II
  • Adam Shade- Automotive Collision Technology I
  • Noah Worsham- Welding and Sheet Metal Fabrication II

National Guard:

  • Justin Hoffman- Networking II


  • Chase Ferimer- Fire Service Training II
  • Emmanuel Payne- Construction Technology II


  • Josephine Carcamo- BioScience II