Landscaping Students Compete at Big E FFA Competition

October 1, 2012

The Landscape and Turf Management students finished out the 2011/2012 school year competing at the State FFA Competition and placing third overall as a team. Placing in the top three made them eligible to return in the fall for the Eastern Region, or “Big E” Competition in Massachusetts the last week of September. The Eastern Regional FFA Program is a unique activity.  Combining 20 states from the Eastern Region (ranging from Rhode Island to Michigan) over 900 FFA Students compete in 2 dates of exciting competition. 

DACC’s Landscaping team, made up of Erin Lockwood, Brandi Rohr, Jake Norman, and Kyle Wharton placed fifth in the team competition and Erin Lockwood placed seventh in the individual competition. They competed in events such as plant, insect, and tool identification, customer service, and calculating the cost of a landscaping design plan. 

The students explained that the team events were their favorite because they could bounce ideas off of each other and play to each person’s strengths. The hardest parts were some of the questions pertaining specifically to the Massachusetts area. However, because of the general knowledge and hands-on experience they received in class, they were able to work through what they knew and apply it to the unknown.

This trip was the first time leaving Ohio and the first time on a plane for a few students, so they also took the opportunity to visit historical sites around Boston after the competition was over.

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