First Annual IT - Media & Digital Video Gallery Event

May 31, 2010

On May 19th, Josh Gallagan hosted the first annual Information Technology – Media and Digital Video Gallery Event. The evening provided an opportunity for seniors in Mr. Gallagan’s class to display their best work from both their junior and senior years to friends, family and DACC staff. A panel of judges heard a presentation from each student and graded the presentations based on a rubric that judged them on everything from the variety and quality of their work to their attire and ability to give a comprehensive presentation in the allotted time.

The projects presented included paintings, sketches, graffiti, graphic illustrations, posters, web sites, branding initiatives, movies and video games. To top it off, each student presented their personally designed business cards.

Congratulations to Mr. Gallagan for a great event and to these seniors for their amazing accomplishments.

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