Fire students assist Delaware County Fire & EMS in training exercise

September 29, 2010

On September 10th, DACC Fire Service Students volunteered to help out Delaware County Fire and EMS agencies as part of their training in a hazardous materials response and decontamination exercise. The students’ jobs were to be victims of a simulated hydrofluoric acid spill and allow these agencies to treat them and transfer them to the hospital.

The simulation left nothing out, including the makeup that made students appear sick and as if their skin was falling off. The students received a first-hand experience of what a victim might go through during a crisis, right down to being hosed off and body-boarded. According to the instructors, these types of exercises help the students understand what kind of care and attention a victim will need when they are in the position of being the rescuer in their future careers.

Thank you to the Delaware Fire and EMS agencies for providing a professional rescue demonstration and allowing our students to have this experience.

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