FFA Banquet 2014

March 19, 2014

Students participating in FFA gathered on March 13th to celebrate their accomplishments and growth. Below is a list of awards that were given that evening:




District and State Award Winners:
Power Sports & Diesel Technology - Colton Garrison, Joe Schultz, Austin Tuller, Wade Pritsel, Cameron Hood, Nick Helber

Landscape - Casey Bauder, Holly Bennett, Austin Hunt, Zach McSavaney, Austin Middendorf 

Equine Science - Ashley Christensen, Sierra Lambert, Monica Segni, Lilly Tallisse

Foundation Awards:
The Foundation Award is sponsored by the National FFA and goes to the students who have done a terrific job in the areas of their trade.

Power Sports & Diesel Technology - Brandon Bice, Cody Fisher, Marcus Gonce, Daniel Harless, Cody Lynn, Doug Mackin, Justin Nelson, John Peterson, Ben Pierce, Donald Potter, Travis Smith, James Thompson, Nick Thompson, Jordon Upchurch, Garrett Bennett, Logan Evans, Ryan Hornsby, Alex Stout

Landscape - George Hehn, Megan Niemela, Andrew Blake, Antwoine Johnson, Ashlyn Mason, Walter McClenaghan, Jimmy Overturf, Dylan Stinnette, Isaiah Terry Ritchie 

Wildlife & Resource Management - Carly Hunt, Christopher Jones, Jeus Paglialunga, Tierra Treadwell

Equine Science - Alex Helt, Logan Warren, Addy Woodruff, Colin Carrol, John Corder, Mercedes Dierst, Alysha Hogle, Jay Marburger, Airion Ogelsby, Jeslyn Pearson, Alec Scott, Waylen Simpson, Taylor Stover, Alyssa Weinert, Brienna Thomas

Presidency Award Winners:
Power Sports & Diesel Technology - Jordan McElroy

Landscape - Casey Bauder

Wildlife & Resource Management - Abigail Spiers

Equine Science - Monica Segni

Scholastic Awards:
Power Sports & Diesel Technology - Cameron Hood, Jordan McElroy, Lucas Ullom, Joe Schultz, Austin Tuller

Landscape - Austin Hunt, Austin Middendorf, Casey Bauder

Equine Science - Kayla Gilbert, Bryan Barlow, Sierra Lambert

Wildlife & Resource Management - Abigail Spiers, Michael Anderson, Coleton Chicotel, Carly Hunt, Christopher Jones, Jens Paglialunga, Tierra Treadwell 

FFA Members of the Year:
Equine Science - Jordan Burge, Kayla Gilbert

Landscape - Holly Bennett

Power Sports & Diesel TechnologyNick Pearsell, Charles Lieb

Junior Class Award:
These awards go to the students in each junior class that have shown extra effort for work and responsibility.

LandscapeGreg Wandling 

Equine Science - Ali Hudson

Wildlife & Resource Management - Coleton Chicotel

Power Sports & Diesel Technology - Colton Garrison

Chapter Star Awards:
Power Sports & Diesel Technology - Ben Gill

Equine Science - Lilly Tallisse

Landscape - Casey Bauder

Most Improved Student:
Landscape - Brandon Calendine

Equine Science - Sierra Lambert

Wildlife & Resource Management - Michael Anderson

Power Sports & Diesel TechnologyKristian Arnold, Austin Gross, Steven Perry