DACC Students Come Through for Hurricane Victims

September 27, 2017

When DACC's Building Directors, Mrs. Lucas and Mr. Williams, challenged their students to a donation drive for victims of the recent hurricanes, our students came through in a big way - by the truckloads. South campus students focused on school supplies, bringing backpacks, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, notebooks, and much more. North campus students collected food and water - enough to fill the five trucks that drove it all away. 

Cody March, a senior in DACC's Law Enforcement program, led the charge in his class. He not only motivated his fellow classmates and did a great deal of shopping, he also dedicated two of his paychecks to purchasing supplies.

We asked a few of our students what motivated them to go to such lengths and here's what they told us:

"I work two jobs, so I know when my next paycheck is coming in. These hurricane victims don't have that certainty about anything right now."
 - Cody March

"I have family who are in Florida right now, so this effort is close to my heart. I feel like it's something I need to do."
 - Olivia Neal

"These are the core values our Law Enforcement Commander instills in us. No matter what the scenario, we are always to do our best to help people."
 - Dillon Evans