DACC IT Students Sweep Regional Competition

February 10, 2014

Congratulations to all of our DACC IT students who competed in the Business Professionals of America Regional event last week. Take a look at the impressive scores below. We are very proud of the hard work they put into this competition and we wish the best of luck to those going on to the state competition.

According to Digital Design teacher, Mr. Gallagan, "Everyone should be so proud of our students from the BPA Regional Competition on Friday in Mt. Vernon.  After 2 cancellations in 2 weeks, the contests finally took place on Friday.  Our students were the most professional, well-behaved and competitive students in attendance.  I always tease them and say “no pressure, but if you don’t win, you don’t come home.”  This is all in good humor, but this year, I could leave no one behind as we won almost every IT contest we competed in. 

In Summary, there are 14 students going to state competition.  Below are the individual results - look at the dominance of DACC.  Please let these students know how proud you are of them, they were really wonderful.  I would also like to thank Ann Kanning, Jocelyn Gideon, Martin Huedepohl and Randy Moore for their outstanding leadership at Regional Competition getting our students prepared and executing as well as they did.  On a side note, the judge of the web design competition pulled me aside and said the team of Duc Vu, Madison Arseneau and Hunter Rupp was the best team that has ever presented to him in his 15 years of being a judge and that they present better than some professionals in the advertising industry and their work is superior to some of his professional portfolios he has seen."


Computer Network Technology
*2nd Place: Lamont Tufts, DACC
3rd Place:Chad Ross, DACC
4th Place: Dylan Marcum, DACC
5th Place: Velise Bullard, DACC

PC Service and Trouble Shooting
*1st Place: Benjamin Cerda, DACC

Fundamentals of Web Design
*1st Place: Duc Vu, DACC
2nd Place: Hunter Rupp, DACC

Graphic Design
*1st Place: Nicholas Marzluf, DACC
2nd Place: Elizabeth Radcliff, DACC
3rd Place: Natalie Berg, DACC
4th Place: Tyson Yeager, DACC
5th Place: Cole Davis, DACC

Digital Media Production
*1st Place: Zara Soliday, DACC  

Computer Modeling
*1st Place: Austin Davis, DACC

2nd Place: Steven Wood, DACC

Video Production
*1st Place:  DACC Team - Michael Comer, Noah Davidovich, Alex Mabry, Christopher Squires  
2nd Place: DACC Team - Gwen Cecil, Tori Dvorak, Elizabeth Radcliff   
4th Place: DACC Team - Jordon Christophersen, Sergio Lemus, 

Website Design Team
*1st Place: DACC Team - Madison Arseneau, Duc Vu, Hunter Rupp  
3rd Place: DACC Team - Nichole Friley, Tammy McComis, Josie Trayler  

Extemporaneous Speech

*1st Place: Tie Between Kaylor Martel, DACC and Elijah Bowie, DACC

Thank you to DACC student, Nick Hartung for providing the photos!