DACC High School Classes Initiating Online Day 1/26

January 25, 2015

DACC will be closed to students on Monday, January 26; however, we will be using one of three permitted online calamity days.

Online calamity days are similar to hybrid days. Students will not be required to attend DACC but are required to complete online assignments that are posted to BlackBoard. These assignments will be posted after 9 am Monday morning. For students with internet access, please login and visit each of your classes to find out what your assignment will be for the day.

The time for assignments will be equivalent to the time you spend in class so do not wait until later in the day to login to your classes. If you do not have online access at home, when you return to school you will be permitted to make up the work. You will have 2 weeks to make up your work. If you do not complete the online assignments you will be counted absent for the day. By implementing this online calamity day, we will not be required to make up the time at the end of the school year. 

DACC high school students will not report to school on Monday, Jan 26 AND students are required to complete the online assignments. For information about online calamity days and assignments please visit our Closings & Delays FAQ.

You may also contact your instructor as they will be in the building on Monday, Jan 26.