Congratulations to our Business Professionals of America Regional winners!

February 25, 2015

Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the recent Business Professionals of America regional competition. Take a look at the impressive scores listed below. We have a group of very talented students and as the top finishers move on to the state level, we wish them the best of luck.

Personal Financial Management
Iain Kirsch - 1st place (going to State)
Noah DeWitt - 2nd place (going to State)
Jacob Hackathorn - 3rd place
Jared Boseker - 4th place
Dustin Neff - 5th place
Noah Gibson - 7th place
Conner King - 8th place

Economic Research Project on Social Security
Iain Kirsch & Noelle Garner - 1st place (going to State)

Extemporaneous Speech
Gwen Cecil - 1st place (going to State)

Website Design
Adam Cleland - 1st place (going to State)

Website Design Team
Hunter Rupp, Chris Squires, & Tyson Yeager,  - 1st place (going to State)
Madison Conrad, Ryan Catt, & Jacob Man - 5th place
Gage Watkins, Tim Backiewicz, Chance Cobb, & Katie LoGuidice - 6th place
Stephanie Rodono & Destiny Murray - 8th place

Video Production Team
Sergio Lemus, Jordan Christophersen, & Tori Dvorak - 1st place (going to State)
Christian Muller, Dyllon McCullough, & Zara Soliday - 4th place
Sophia Strickling - 6th place

Computer Animation Team
Morgan Madigan, Jared Stevens, Arianna Bleigh, & Calvin Harts - 3rd place

Graphic Design
Elizabeth Radcliff - 1st place (going to State)

Computer Modeling
Steven Wood - 1st place (going to State)

Broadcast News Production
Lauren Huffman, Miranda Wood, & Morgan Madigan - 1st place (going to State)

Digital Media Production
Murphy Conner - 1st place (going to State)

Compter Network Technology
LaMont Tufts - 1st place (going to State)
Evan Rowlands - 5th place
Mycal Harris - 6th place
James Wilson - 7th place
Nathan Stewart - 8th place

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
Benjamin Cerda - 1st place (going to State)
Brandon Wade - 4th place
Gregory Rinker - 6th place
Jimmy Cheng - 7th place
Jason Hollifield - 10th place

Network Administration Using Microsoft
Austin Spriestersbach - 1st place
Brittany Kershner - 2nd place

System Administration Using CISCO
Chad Ross - 1st place (going to State)
Joshua Lebron - 2nd place
Ryan Rzepecki - 3rd place

Computer Security
Landin Long- 2nd place (going to State)
Joseph Button - 3rd place
Ryan Campbell - 4th place
Tristan Rowley - 5th place
Kason Cook - 6th place
Alex Berry - 7th place
Calvin Lawson - 8th place

IT Open Concepts
Trent Angles - 3rd place
Tiffany Redick - 4th place
Joshua Brey - 5th place

Fundamentals of Web Design
Adam Cleland - 1st place

Graphic Design Promotion
Abigail Brown - 3rd place
Armand Rosario - 4th place
Annie Moffit - 7th place
DeAnn Radcliff - 9th place

Digital Publishing
Lexa Funderburg - 1st place (going to State)