Congratulations to the DACC class of 2010!

June 2, 2010

Congratulations to the DACC class of 2010!

You have done great things while you were here and we know that you will continue to do great things. We are thrilled to have been part of your educational experience and we wish you the best as you go on to the workforce or post-secondary education.

A Senior Ceremony was held at the Aladdin Shrine Center on June 2nd, 2010 where students received their career passport and where Superintendent, Mary Beth Freeman, announced that the students of this class were offered over $725,000 in scholarships towards post-secondary education. Congratulations – that is a major achievement.

See photos of the Senior Ceremony here.

Select students also received awards and scholarships. The full list is below.

Presidential Award for Educational Excellence
The Presidential Award for Educational Excellence is presented to the students who have met the criteria as stipulated in the program. The students must have a grade point average above a 3.5 and must have scored above the 85th percentile on a standardized test. The students must also be nominated by a staff member to be considered for the award.  Would the following students please join me on stage to accept this award.

  • Grace Edwards
  • Emily Frey
  • Austin Hill
  • Hannah Howser
  • Jessica Jackson
  • Becca Long
  • Hannah Russell
  • Kaylyn Schnieder

Presidential Award for Educational Achievement
This award is presented to the students from each campus that have shown outstanding educational growth, improvement, commitment, and intellectual development in their academic and career-technical subjects. This award is given to those students who deserve recognition for working hard and giving their best effort in the face of obstacles. The staff at each campus nominated individuals for this award.

  • Olivia Ballard
  • Kara Barfond
  • Shayne Blevins
  • Sierra Cherry
  • Alyssa Conley
  • Rachael Dalton
  • Kelsey Davis
  • Emma Ellis
  • Julia Gaines
  • Justin Grub
  • Derek Haldeman
  • Shelby Hayes
  • Randi Hedges
  • Mohammed Hussein
  • Jessica Inscho
  • Steven McMillin
  • Raemi Mosley
  • Shawnesia Pegues
  • Taylor Powell
  • Ashley Stilson

American Citizenship Awards   2010
The teaching staff at each campus has nominated students to receive the American Citizenship Award. The students were rated on these points:
*Their participation in school and community service
*Their attitude toward their classmates, school and community
*Their understanding of civic responsibility
*Their determination and courage to do what is right both in school and the community.

  • Tiffany Brown
  • Caleb Durant
  • Anna Feather
  • Cory Frazier
  • Renee Frazier
  • Taylor Luke
  • Ericka McElroy
  • Amber Miller
  • Sean O’Malley
  • Tiarra Towns

Delaware Area Career Center Scholarship

  • Rebecca Long – Zoo School
  • Ethan Mueller - ITA

DACCEA Scholarship

  • Raemi Mosley
  • Mike Carey

HSTW Award of Educational Achievement
This award recognizes seniors who have completed at least two of the three parts of the HSTW-recommended college-preparatory curriculum (English/language arts, mathematics and science); completed a concentration in a career/technical area, in mathematics and science, or in the humanities; and have met the college- and career-readiness goals in all three subjects (reading, mathematics and science) on the 2010 HSTW Assessment.

  • Christina Baker
  • Breanna Bargdill
  • Michael Carey
  • Lisa Davidson
  • Edwin Evangelista
  • Anna Kathleen Feather
  • Josh Hauersperger
  • Randi Hedges
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Thomas Lucas
  • Taylor Luke
  • Hannah Russell
  • Kaylyn Schneider
  • Brett Walters
  • Vanessa Weaver