Career Graphics Students Meet the OSU Marching Band

November 18, 2010

On November 17th, the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) Career Graphics students took an evening trip to the OSU football stadium to the meet the OSU Marching Band. The DACC students were commissioned by OSU to create specially designed buckeye necklaces that the band will wear during the week of the OSU/Michigan game.

The visit began with a private tour of the football stadium. For many students, this was their first trip to OSU and they were able to experience it with only their classmates in attendance, just as the sun was setting over the Shoe. Afterwards, they were introduced to the many jobs that OSU students take on to keep the band running and were able to speak with the students who are currently occupying those positions.

Career Graphics visits the OSU Marching BandAt the completion of the tour, the students were able to watch the end of band practice and personally give the buckeye necklaces to very appreciative band members. The band members were generous with their time, staying after practice to speak with the DACC students, telling them what it’s like to be part of the OSU Marching Band, posing for photos, and even signing autographs. Both the band members and the directors were so pleased with the necklaces that before the night was over, the directors were asking DACC students what else they could create for the band to wear.

Kari, one of the DACC students in attendance, said that the buckeye necklace project taught her the value of teamwork and working with the OSU band directors on the design of the necklace showed her the importance of following guidelines and standards. She went on to say, “The best part of the night was when we were swarmed by the band members who wanted to get their necklaces. We didn’t know they would be that excited about it.”

Career Graphics visits the OSU Marching BandCorey had been to the OSU stadium before, but he thought it was really great to see how OSU students played such an important role in running the band. He also said, “I really liked the band members’ attitudes. They took the time to talk to us and show their appreciation.”

Creating buckeye necklaces is a key component of this sophomore class at DACC. Students use the project to create a business plan that they carry out throughout the school year by collecting the necessary materials, assigning tasks to each class member, setting prices for the necklaces, and selling them to Buckeye fans. The necklaces are made on an as-needed basis and are also created for specific events. Any money generated from the necklaces goes towards funding competitions and trips for SkillsUSA, a Career Technical Student Organization.