Calamity Days and Hours

January 23, 2015

The below message was sent to our DACC families on Friday, January 23rd:

Once again we find ourselves in the throes of winter and the challenging weather conditions related to the season.  For many years schools were permitted five (5) calamity days with unlimited delays and dismissals.   The five (5) day rule has been changed by legislation. High schools are now required to meet a minimum of 1001 instructional hours.  This includes school closings, delays and early dismissals.  With the change in legislation DACC is approaching the minimum hours.  (Please note that some schools may still be operating by days if they had a collective bargaining agreement in place before July 1, 2014 that referenced the old rule.)

The next day that school is “closed” we will implement the first of three (3) permitted online days, sometimes referred to as blizzard bags.  When students have an online day, they will be required to complete the online assignments and the hours will not count against the student nor the district.  Teachers will be reviewing the process with their students.  For those who do not have internet access, you will have up to two (2) weeks to complete the assignment.  If any student does not complete their assigned work, the student will be counted absent.  For more detailed information about calamity days and assignments please connect to the following link.
If DACC uses the three online days, any additional closings will be made up at the end of the school year. 

We do have time reserved that can be used toward future school delays.  At this time school delays will operate as usual.  We will keep you informed if and when the weather related closings and delays causes DACC to operate differently. 

The media stations cannot differentiate between an online day and a school closure; therefore, the online day will be communicated as “closed” on the TV and radio.  The Honeywell communication system will reference an online day. 

If you have specific questions about the online assignments please contact your child’s teacher(s).  You may use the district staff directory at to find the teacher’s email and phone number.