BPA Regional Results

February 5, 2018

Students who participate in the Business Professionals of America Career Technical Student Organization recently competed at the regional level. All of our students did a fantastic job representing DACC in their categories. Below are the official results. Everyone with a * next to their name will be moving on to the state competition. Congratulations to all & good luck to those who are advancing!

Computer Network Technology
*Shawn Hubbard - 2nd

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting
*Ryan Dolan - 1st
*Eric Bowling - 2nd
Derek Baker - 4th

IT Open Concepts
*Ryan Dolan - 1st

Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing
*Olivia Clark - 1st

Fundamentals of Web Design
*Sean Pocius - 1st
*Alycia Cordle - 2nd

Graphic Design Promotion
*Hannah Peterson - 1st
Sara Coghlan - 2nd
Caleb Hawk - 3rd
Carly Bragg - 4th
Cozy Clark - 4th
Sophia Gabriel - 6th

Digital Media Production
*Emily Anicio - 1st
Justin Glaze - 2nd

Computer Modeling
Bryce Galloway - 2nd
Matt Hanks 4th

Video Production
*Chris Skomra, Avery Latta, Cyrus Adkins, Gibson Davis - 1st
Louis Dykstra, Delta Clark, Alex Kropp, Michael Guzman - 2nd
Josh Fashian, Grace Gerwig, Isaiah Marshall, Jackson Stroh - 4th
Case Campbell, Noah Fleisher, Matt McKay - 6th

Web Site Design Team
*Chloe Wilson, Daryn Myers - 1st
Charlie Hardinson, Addie Palmquist - 2nd
Alyeia Cordle, Jada Millisor, Alyssa Ranney - 3rd
Moyesh Khanal, Ian Wesley, Avery Cruz, Charles Budd - 4th

Computer Animation Team
Logan Sweeney, Maggie Bailey, Anthony Stewart, Courtney Wells - 2nd
Lynn Steinberger, Sara Cassady, Kaylene McGowen - 3rd

Broadcast News Production Team
*Zach Hinkle, Micah Bowie, Kovy Arseneau, Codey Falk - 1st