A bond between student and research project? Apparently, it can happen

May 16, 2010

Bekah is a student in DACC’s Columbus Zoo and Aquarium school where she attends class at the Zoo every day. Her research project this year was to study the Bonobo’s hierarchical relationship. What we discovered is that one of the Bonobos formed a relationship with her.

Bekah agreed to pose for some end-of-the-year photos in her research area. As we walked up to the Bonobos, none of them seemed to pay too much attention to what was going on around them – that is, until Bekah showed up. Lady, a female Bonobo, noticed Bekah immediately and ran up to the glass, plastering her face, hands and feet against the glass to get a better look. Throughout the photo shoot, Lady didn’t take her eyes off of Bekah and when we were done, Bekah took a few moments to say hi to Lady, something I get the feeling she’s done more than once.

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