2019 BPA Regional Results

January 28, 2019

DACC students recently competed in the 2019 Business Professionals of America Regional Results. We are excited to be sending 23 students from Networking, App Development and Digital Design to the state competition in March.  Thank you to everyone who supported this competition!

Regional Results

Computer Network Technology
4th – Nicholas Smith – Networking

PC Service and Troubleshooting
2nd (going to state) – Nathan Mateson - Networking
4th Matthew Chops – Networking

Computer Security
5th Nicholas Haines – Networking

Computer Program Concepts
1st (going to state) Dante Lizama - Networking

IT Concepts
1st (going to state) Connor Simons - Networking

3rd – Matthew Chops – Networking
4th – Gage Ginter – Networking
6th – Nathan Mateson – Networking

Broadcast News Production Team
1st Place (going to state) RJ Barnhart, Blythe Beaumont, Josh Slawson, Dane Hatfield (All from Digital Design)
3rd – Alex Kropp and Matt McKay (Digital Design)
5th – Andrew Persinger, Alfred Leonard, Madison Niemeyer, Micah Burton (All from Digital Design)

3D Computer Modeling
1st (going to state) – Khang Van (Digital Design)
2nd - Nick D’Eredita – (App Development)
4th – Houston Ramsey – (App Development)

Digital Media Production
1st(going to state) – Hannah Leist – (Digital Design)
3rd – Kyle Kemp (Digital Design)

Video Production Team
1st Place (going to state) - Reese White, Madison Dyl, Brian Whitesel, Kasey Runyon (All from Digital Design)
2nd – Chris Skomra, Gibson Davis, Avery Latta, Cyrus Adkins (All from Digital Design)
4th – Megan Shlabig, Riley Mehrtens, Ashley McComas, Josh Reynolds (All from Digital Design)

Graphic Design Promotion
1st Place (going to state) - Hannah Peterson – Digital Design
2nd Place – Sarah Coghlan – Digital Design
3rd Place – Bethany Welch – Digital Design
4th Place – Alycia Cordle – Digital Design
5th Place – Anna Stricklin – Digital Design
6th Place – Paige Riegel – Digital Design

Digital Publishing
1st Place – Hannah Peterson – Digital Design
2nd Place (going to state) – Shy Biffle

Desktop Publishing
1st (going to state) Olivea Clark – Digital Design
2nd (going to state) Jackson Cline – Digital Design

Fundamentals of Web Design
1st (going to state) Jada Millisor – Digital Design
3rd (going to state) Alycia Cordle – Digital Design

Website Design Team
1st (going to state) Jada Millisor (Digital Design) and Devin Mantz (App Development)
2nd Arrik Bellville, Sydney Yates, Dewalker Bhattari (App Development) and Emma Lentz (Digital Design)
5th Aaron White, Keishawn Mack (App Development) and Abbie Halderman (Digital Design)
6th Ollie Howe, Drew Quick (Digital Design)

Computer Animation Team
1st (going to state) Bryce Dietrich, Lee Morris (App Development) and Matt Hanks (Digital Design)
2nd Madison Myers and Nicholas Holcroft (App Development)

Extemporaneous Speech
2nd Delta Clark – Digital Design