The DACC Difference

July 29, 2016 - 2:28pm -- admin

At DACC, we provide our students with hands-on experiences not possible at your home school.

For each public school in Delaware County to try and replicate what DACC does would mean more money out of your pocket as a taxpayer. DACC is a shared service among the local public schools in order to provide this educational opportunity to every student in Delaware County and the surrounding areas.

Unique Lab Spaces
When students attend DACC, they choose one program of study to focus on for two years. Each program is located in its own lab space designed specifically for the purpose of preparing our students for that field of study. Industry experts are consulted and specialized equipment is purchased to ensure that our students are getting the best preparation possible to thrive in the professional world, whether or not they go to college before working full time.
Work Experience
In addition to having daily access to industry equipment, DACC students are also given the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, and early job placement. DACC teachers have strong connections in the industries for which they teach and help our students find the right job experience for them.
These early job experiences help students stand out on college applications and will catch the eye of hiring employers.
Career Technical Student Organizations
The student organizations that DACC students participate in give them invaluable experience in leadership, teamwork, public speaking, organization, and self-motivation. Students have the opportunity to compete in categories related to their area of study at the local, regional, state, and national levels. The work our students do for these competitions is something they can add to their portfolio and resume. In addition, scholarships are available at the national level.
Industry Credentials
Whether or not a DACC student plans on going to college before entering the professional world, hiring employers want to know that the people they’re hiring can do the job. There’s no better way to demonstrate industry knowledge than through certifications earned while at DACC. 
Depending on the industry our students plan to enter, specific credentials are required before starting employment and obtaining those credentials after high school can be costly and time consuming. DACC students save thousands of dollars and enter the workforce years ahead of their peers.
College Credits
In addition to earning high school credits for attending DACC, many programs also offer college credits due to the college-level curriculum. College credits can be awarded in the form of CTAGs, articulation agreements, or through College Credit Plus. Take a look at the program you’re interested in to see what types of credits are available.