CTE Month 2017

The Delaware Area Career Center is proud to offer 27 programs that focus in a variety of college major and career areas. Within each of those programs, there are endless pathways to follow.



Students who come into our Networking program have a love for all things having to do with technology. What they do with that passion, however, can vary with each individual. As a senior, Kyle works at Cayman Technologies as a PC Network Support Technician. In August, he will be leaving for the Navy as a Cryptologic Technician. His specialty will be in Cyber Warfare. 



In the medical field, our students' possibilities are endless. Melissa is already enlisted in the army as a nurse. Victoria is currently interning at Nationwide Children's Hospital. After high school, she plans on attending Otterbein and would like to go into the field of Pediatrics. Olivia will be attending the University of Findlay to major in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.



Isabelle, Macklin, and Rose all share a love for hair. After passing their State Board exam, both Isabelle and Macklin are looking forward to starting their careers in full-service salons. Rose is headed to barber school to expand her knowledge of men's hair. 



Many of our Fire Service Training students, such as Anastasia, want to pursue a career as a Firefighter and Paramedic. However, that's not the only option. Natalie plans on attending Wright State University for Nursing with a focus in Obstetrics. Her long term goal is to be a nurse for a medical flight service. Izaiah plans on using his DACC training to work as a Firefighter and Paramedic while he continues his education in the medical field.



Welders are in demand and businesses are coming to DACC to interview our students before they even graduate. Colton has already been hired at Atlas Butler as part of an early job placement program and hopes to continue working there after graduation. Similarly, Ethan has been hired on at Worthington Cylinders through the early job placement program. They are getting an early start at stable companies with plenty of time to work their way up debt-free. Harrison is considering pursuing an education in Engineering, but knows he has the skills to work after graduation to help offset tuition.



Hannah has always had an interest in drama and her love for the theater led her to set design. She enrolled in DACC's Construction program to learn more about the tools, theory, and safety that she'll be using for the rest of her career. She is currently attending Kent State University and majoring in Design and Technology so she can pursue a career in Set Design.



According to Zack, he didn't want to spend his whole life wondering what he wanted to be when he grew up. So Zack joined the Law Enforcement program at DACC in preparation for his career with the Coast Guard. As a senior, Zack is currently interning at the Adult Felony Probation Office. In August, he will leave for the Coast Guard to focus on drug interdiction, smuggling, interdiction, and maritime law enforcement.