Career Conversations

DACC Career Conversations are a virtual webinar series designed to support middle school and high school students in their career exploration and gain insight into career options. These exploration sessions, led by industry professionals are an opportunity to connect, learn, and ask questions.

February 3, 1:00pm           
Construction Management

Construction Management uses project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project from beginning to end.  Learn the typical path to becoming a manager, including skills needed and qualities required. 

Speaker:  Greg Reis, Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

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February 3, 3:00pm           
We Can Code IT

We all spend countless hours wrapped up in a digital world that is powered by coding.  The games, apps, and even shopping kiosks that we have come to know all run on software, and that software has been programmed and developed by human coders.  Learn about the unique We Can Code IT bootcamps and career opportunities in this in-demand field. 

Speakers: Kendra Reynolds/Cliff Jenkins/Maggie Kruth

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February 4, 10:00am           
Creatives in the Fashion Industry

Columbus is home to a high concentration of fashion designers and retailers.  Join to learn about the Columbus Fashion Alliance, a group of creatives who are passionate about the fashion industry.  Get a sneak peek into their new design & production space at the Idea Foundry in Columbus. 

Speaker:  Yohannan Terrell, Columbus Fashion Alliance

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February 8, 2:00pm           
Interior Design

An interior designer is responsible for the interior design, decoration, and functionality of a client’s space.  The role combines skills of an engineer and an artist by planning and implementing both aesthetic and functional decisions, everything from paint colors to faucet handles. Join to learn more about the career field of Interior Design.  

Speaker: Michelle Mixter, Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

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February 9, 1:15pm
Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy

Therapists specialize in treating specific patient injuries and conditions.  Learn how rehabilitation therapies are used to build strength, flexibility, and improve the quality of life with patients. 

Speaker: Jessica Petitti, OhioHealth

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February 10, 3:00pm           
Biomedical Engineering

Join Biomedical Engineering Graduate Students from The Ohio State University who are pursuing careers in biomedical research and industry. Learn how they are using knowledge of biology, human anatomy, computer science, and engineering to design medical devices and therapeutics that will be used to treat people with many different medical conditions.

Speaker: OSU Biomedical Engineering Graduate Students

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