Thank you to the area fire departments for your support

August 30, 2012

Our Fire Service students can sometimes be the toughest around, but yesterday was an emotional day for everyone. After the death of fellow classmate, Kenneth “Chet” Ruzika, all of the area fire departments came to show their support to the DACC fire staff and students. Yesterday, they returned with a gift – a Denver Tool. This was Chet’s go-to tool, so it has a special meaning for the entire class.

The Scioto Township Fire Department addressed the class, saying, “We’re a brotherhood and we understand what it is to lose a brother.” Members of the Scioto Township Fire Department had overheard students talking about Kenneth’s preference for the Denver Tool and decided to purchase this tool in his memory. They left it up to the students what they wanted to do with it to appropriately honor their classmate.