Taylor Newland Named 2012 'Saved By The Belt' Spokesperson

May 17, 2012

Taylor Newland, a DACC Dental Assisting senior, was named the Delaware Health District’s 2012 Saved By The Belt Spokesperson this morning. Earlier this year, she had been pulled over by Officer Eusey and was cited for not wearing her seatbelt. A few weeks later, she was in a car accident and because of the citation issued by Officer Eusey, she was wearing her seatbelt and it most likely saved her life. At this morning’s Click It Or Ticket Mobilization Kick Off, she shared her story and thanked Officer Eusey. 

According to the Sherrif’s Department, only 81% of county motorists use their seat belts, which is lower than the state average of 84%. The overarching message at the event was “Seat belts don’t stop crashes, but they do save lives.”

Click It Or Ticket Mobilization Kick Off Event 2012 A banner was also donated to DACC that will serve as a reminder for students to wear their seat belts. The banner was sponsored by Farmer’s Insurance Group, Delaware General Health District, the State Highway Patrol, the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, the Delaware Police Department, Safe Communities, and Drug Free Delaware.

As the school year comes to a close, we hope everyone has a very safe and happy summer. Don’t forget to buckle up as you leave graduations and graduation parties. For that matter, don’t forget to buckle up all the time.

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