SkillsUSA State Competition Results

April 17, 2014

Congratulations to all of our SkillsUSA Competitors! We are very proud of the work our students have done to get this far and the outstanding work they did at the competition. Good luck to those who are headed to SkillsUSA Nationals!




  • Tyson Yeager – 1st Place in Advertising Design
  • The team of Kendall Dorsey, Brooke Mack, & Tyler Thomas - 1st Place in Chapter Display
  • The team of Duc Vu & Hunter Rupp – 1st Place in Web Design
  • Miranda Hewitt – 1st Place in Chapter Display
  • Paul Reeves – 1st Place in Extemporaneous Speech
  • Natalie Berg – 2nd Place in Photography
  • Mary Elizabeth Douglass – 2nd Place in Principles of Technology
  • Derek Grooms – 2nd Place in Internetworking
  • The team of Katie Swope, Sara Reed, & Desiree Murray – 3rd Place in Promotional Bulletin Board
  • Tatiana Brookins – 5th Place in Promotional Bulletin Board
  • Paul Reeves – 6th Place in Firefighting
  • Jarrod Sroufe – 7th Place in Firefighting
  • Scott Snapp – 7th Place in Automotive Service
  • Andrew Brown – 8th Place in Job Skills Demo
  • Austin Tuller – 8th Place in Power Equipment Technology 
  • The team of Shane Bennett, Donnie Good, & Peyton Knotts – 9th Place in Welding Fabrication
  • Allison Marstiller – 9th Place in First Aid/CPR
  • Mary Wynn – 10th Place in Nail Care
  • Emma Jeck – 10th Place in Model Nail Care
  • Donald Chaples  - 10th Place in Job Interview
  • The team of Zara Soliday & Gwen Cecil – 10th Place in Video Production
  • Michael Carmen – 10th Place in Computer Maintenance
  • Cameron Hood – 10th Place in Power Equipment Technology
  • Derek Johanson  - 11th Place in Welding
  • Joe Webster – 17th Place in Automotive Refinishing