Recent DACC Grad, Justin Grubb, Interviewed by 'Hooked on Science'

August 15, 2011

We know a lot of our students go on to do great things, but it’s an extra bonus when we find them on TV. Justin Grubb, a 2010 graduate from DACC’s Columbus Zoo & Aquarium School program and from Thomas Worthington was recently interviewed by Hooked on Science while in Honduras.

Justin was in Honduras in June to participate in a mission trip with a charity called Total Health. Jason Lindsey from Hooked on Science was also part of the mission trip. He was there to get children from the village and from the Children’s Nutritional Institute involved in science experiments. On a day off at the beach, Jason was looking for something interesting to film for the show and ended up interviewing Justin about his knowledge of sand dollars and how they’re able to survive in Honduras. The episode aired in Cleveland, Kentucky, and Florida. Thanks to the Internet, we have access to Justin’s interview and you can watch it here:

(Depending on your Internet speed, you may need to hit 'pause' and let the video load before watching.)

What other cool things did Justin do this summer?
After his mission trip, Justin took some time to visit the Bay Islands in the Caribbean and did a lot of snorkeling and Scuba diving on the coral reefs where he encountered about a dozen Caribbean Reef sharks. Justin was able to do all of this because he had been Scuba certified by the zookeeper he worked with while a student at DACC’s Zoo School.

So what’s Justin up to now?
Justin is now a sophomore at Bowling Green State University, majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Environmental Science with a focus on outdoor education. Before he started at BG, Justin contacted the professor in charge of the marine lab and explained some of the projects he had participated in at DACC’s Zoo School. Specifically, he shared with this professor his project in the Discovery Reef, learning from the senior aquarist how to maintain aquarium systems and experimenting with aquaculture. Due to Justin’s extensive high school experience, he was given a 180 gallon reef tank to use for his studies. He got such great feedback from his work on that tank that he was then granted a 600 gallon tank to maintain, complete with four bamboo sharks. This is a privilege no freshman has ever been given before.

After all of that, what else does he have planned?
With these great experiences under his belt so early, Justin will be a lab assistant and will be helping other students with their aquariums if they need help. According to Justin, BG’s Marine Lab currently has no aquaculture program, so he plans on using his experiences from Zoo School to set up an aquaculture program during this upcoming semester. Next summer, he plans to get an internship with the Bimini Marine Research Station or marine stations in South Africa to work with sharks in the wild.

What are his long-term career plans?
After Justin graduates from BG, he plans to continue his education in graduate school. According to Justin, “As a career I would love to either become an aquarium director where I can use my educational background to create fantastic exhibits and to promote conservation through experiential exhibit designs and place based learning or I would love to get into a career making conservation education videos similar to The Jeff Corwin Experience and Jack Hanna's Into the Wild but specialize in the marine ecosystem.  It has always been important to me to conserve the world's remaining animal populations and natural ecosystems and I enjoy trying to raise awareness among the public about these current issues.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Justin and his accomplishments. We hope to hear more from him in the future!

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