Professional Ice Sculptor Visits DACC & Offers Demonstration

September 8, 2011

The Delaware Area Career Center hosted Trey Justice, a NICA Certified Professional Ice Carver from Rock on Ice for a demonstration at South Campus on Tuesday, August 30.  Coordinated by Eileen Tamasovich, Hospitality Instructor at DACC, students learned about the unique career area of ice sculpting within the hospitality industry. 

Professional Ice Sculptor Visits DACC Hospitality Students


Within just an hour, Justice transformed three large blocks of ice into “Sid the Goldfish”, a magnificent fish sculpture towering over three feet tall.  As part of the process, Justice used a series of power tools to block out, round, sand, and detail the ice sculpture. 

According to Tamasovich, “Ice Sculptures are used at catered events in the entertainment world, travel and tourism, and at theme parks.  With the ice sculpting opportunities on cruise ships, it is a skill that a hospitality student could take around the world!” 

Professional Ice Sculptor Visits DACC Hospitality Students

During the first ten days of school, DACC teachers are encouraged to spark the interest of their students by highlighting a career or activity within their chosen field of study.  Hospitality and Food Service students were able to take part in the ice sculpture demonstration.  These activities and demonstrations allow students to gain a better understanding of the opportunities available to them upon completing their DACC program.


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