Michael Steiner Named Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Teen Chef

April 26, 2011

On April 30th, Michael Steiner was named The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Teen Chef and was awarded a $15,000 scholarship to attend The Art Institute next year. This scholarship follows an Imagine America scholarship for $1,000 and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s High School Portfolio Scholarship for $5,000.

To be named the 2011 Teen Chef, Michael had to pass through two stages. First, he sent in his favorite recipe, an original photo of the dish and an essay about why he would like to attend the Art Institute. He prepared Maque Choux, an Indian corn dish that he had made in class. Of everyone who entered the contest, only 22 finalists were called back to compete in the final competition in Pittsburgh. In a similar style to many of the cooking competition shows on TV, such as Chopped and Iron Chef, Michael had a specified amount of time to create an appetizer and entrée, using only the ingredients provided.

According to Michael, DACC and the ambassador program he is part of greatly helped him in this competition. Competitors were judged, not only on their ability to cook, but also on their ability to speak and present their dishes. Michael has been called upon numerous times to speak about DACC and he frequently takes on a leadership role in his classroom.

Michael is currently working with the chefs at Kinsale Golf Club and has been recruited to work on staff during the Memorial Tournament. “The Memorial Tournament is a great way to figure out if you really want to be in this business,” Michael said. “Not only does food play a huge role in an event like this, but you are on call 24 hours a day for very important people.”

We hope to hear more news from Michael soon. He is planning to apply for at least two more scholarships to help pay for college. According to his mother, Debbie Steiner, “As the fourth child in the family, every scholarship helps.” Due to the certifications and college credits he has earned while at DACC, Michael will also have the opportunity to travel to Italy during one of his semesters at the Art Institute to study under Italian chefs.

Congratulations Michael! We look forward to hearing more good news about you!

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